Week 10 Spelling and Vocabulary Words

The test for Week 10 words will be on Thursday, October 27.

1.achievement: an accomplishment that takes work or skill

2.altitude: height or vertical distance

3. crave: to want badly

4.compassion: feeling of concern or sympathy for others

5.compensate: to make up for; reimburse

6. compose: to create or make up

7. duplicate: to make an exact copy of something

8. edible: fit or good to be eaten

9. excavate: to dig up or uncover

10. identical: the same in every way

11. luxurious: expensive and unnecessary

12. miniature: a reduced size version of something

13. navigate: plan or follow a course

14. resemble:  appear similar to

15. sparse: thin or scattered

Week 9 Spelling and Vocabulary Words

Tests for Week 9 words will be on Thursday, October 13.  We have had the word “immense” before, and it got added in again.  I’m ok with that–if students got it correct before, they get an easy point this time.  If they missed it before, they have another opportunity to learn it! :)

  1. access: entrance
  2. accomplish: to achieve or complete successfully
  3. beverage: a drinkable liquid
  4. budge: to move from a stationary or still position
  5. companion: one who spends time with another by choice
  6. courteous: considerate towards others
  7. guardian: one who protects another
  8. hearty: being very filling or nourishing
  9. homonym: words that have the same sound, but different meanings; they may have the same spelling, too.
  10. immense: vast or extremely large
  11. apparent: clearly seen or understood
  12. assume: to take for granted
  13. cautious: exercising care and watchfulness
  14. combine: to mix two or more things together
  15. detect: sense, find or discover something Sentence: A motion sensor can detect movement.

Week 8 Spelling and Vocabulary Words

The test for Week 8 words will be on Thursday, October 6.

astound: astonish greatly

bungle: to handle badly, or fail through ineptness

obsolete:  no longer produced or used; out of date

vivid: extremely clear or bright

absurd: obviously foolish or untrue

banquet: a formal dinner, usually honoring someone

hazy: cloudy or unclear

aggressive: likely to attack or confront

retire: to withdraw or leave, often from a job

document: a written record providing information

illuminate: to shine light on or to make brighter

jubilation: a feeling of great joy

narrator: the person who tells a story

occasion: a particular or special time or event

sluggish: displaying little movement or activity

Week 7 Vocabulary and Spelling Words

The test for these words will be on Thursday, September 29!

endanger: to put someone or something in harm’s way

escalate: increase in volume, scope, or amount

evade: to avoid, elude, or stay away from

require: need or must have

reliable: able to be trusted or depended on

anxious: uneasy or fearful about a thing or event

feeble: weak from old age or lack of necessities

abuse: cause harm or take advantage of

immense: vast or extremely large

retain: to keep hold or keep in one’s employment

Hey, Kiddo!

Remember that when we get online, we NEVER post anything that reveals our name, address, phone number, or any other personal information that could help a stranger find you.

Don’t forget that when we do our assignments online, we must follow guidelines:

1.   All of our assignments should only ever be seen by Mrs. Teague, parents, or sometimes classmates, but we must always be cautious anyway.
2.  If you are in an online discussion with classmates, you must use good net manners, or “netiquette.”
3.  Remember that anything posted online is a possible grade, and Mrs. Teague will be checking for

  • capitalization
  • spelling
  • sentence structure
  • punctuation
  • organization
  • sources

Do your VERY BEST on your assignments!