Vocabulary Words for the Test on April 13

Collective nouns–this week we are studying collective nouns, which are nouns that name a group of something. 

colony: a group of ants

gaggle: a group of geese

knot: a group of toads

school: a group of similar fish

skulk: a group of foxes

bed: a group of oysters

company: a group of parrots

gang: a group of elk

string: a group of ponies

troop: a group of kangaroos

Greek Words 1

The test for these words will be on March 2, 2017.

aerobics: a vigorous fitness program

aerodynamics: branch of physics related to the motion of air and other gases

aerial: living or moving in the air

aeronautics: the science and study of aircraft and flight

aerate: to add air to something

rebellion: organized resistance against authority

belligerent: hostile and ready to fight

panacea: something that supposedly fixes all problems

pandemonium: a place of noise and chaos

panorama: a wide, vast view


Our root word parts this week are:

aero meaning “air”

belli meaning “war”

pan meaning “all”

Vocabulary Words: Latin Roots

audible- able to be heard

audition-a tryout for a role in a play or a performance

auditorium-a large room used for presentations

audience- a group of people attending a performance

congratulate- to express cheer over an event or a deed

gratitude-the state of being thankful

gratify- to satisfy or give pleasure to

inject- to force or insert something into something else

reject- to refuse to take or accept

conjecture- a speculation or unproven theory


This week’s words are all from the Latin roots aud, grat, and ject.   The test will be on February 16th.

aud means “hear.”

grat means “pleasing.”

ject means “throw.”

Antonyms II Vocabulary List

The test for these words will be on February 2, 2017.

**Due to recent placement tests that show that our students have GROWN in their spelling abilities, there are no spelling tests this week.  We are restructuring spelling groups to better suit our students’ growing needs.  Great job to our students, and great job to parents for working with their kids on spelling patterns!  Students will receive new lists soon!

malice: the intention or desire to do evil

kindness: goodwill or caring towards another person

slovenly: untidy or unclean

immaculate: very clean, spotless

mandatory: required or obligatory, fulfilling a command

unnecessary: not needed or required

reverence: deep respect for someone or something

disrespect: rudeness or impolite behavior

posterity: future generations

ancestors: people from whom one is descended


Clarification for Spelling and Vocabulary Tests

In an attempt to cut down on the number of tests students must study for each week, as well as to give students longer to practice the skills being taught, I will now be giving spelling and vocabulary tests on alternating weeks.  For example, this week students have a vocabulary test, but no spelling test.  Next week, they will have a spelling test, but no vocabulary test.

I hope this helps ease students’ and families’ schedules!

Antonym 1 Vocabulary List

Severe: of a serious nature
Entice: to attract or tempt by offering advantage
Repel: to push away
Transparent: clear or easy to see through
Opaque: unable to be seen through
Factual: relating to or based on what is actually the case
Fanciful: unreal or imaginative
Congenial: agreeable, pleasant, or friendly
Disagreeable: unpleasant or unenjoyable
Lenient: permissive, merciful, or tolerant

Week 18 Vocabulary Words

**Although I don’t expect your child to study vocabulary words all during the break, I know there are some parents who want to have access to the words the weekend before the test, so I am posting them now.  The test for these words will be Thursday, January 5, 2017.  I hope you and your family have a wonderful break!

There is no spelling test this week.

  1. disciple: a follower
  2. abundant: ample, plenty
  3. petition: a request, often written
  4. noxious: poisonous
  5. surge: rise or increase
  6. valiant: brave, courageous
  7. labyrinth: a maze
  8. paramount: most important
  9. haggard: exhausted or malnourished
  10. impartial: neutral; deciding based on facts

Week 14 Spelling and Vocabulary Words

This is the last week that all students will have the same spelling words.  Starting after Thanksgiving break, students will have different lists designed to help them with their individual areas of difficulty in spelling.  You will be able to locate your child’s word lists by logging in to his or her spellingcity.com account and going to Lists and Games.  

Students will still all have the same vocabulary lists, but they will not be the same as their spelling lists anymore.

The test for these words will be on Thursday, November 17.

petrify: to turn to stone or paralyze with fear

portable: able to be carried from place to place

intense: existing or behaving to an extreme degree

negative: unfavorable, opposite of positive or good

visible: able to be seen or perceived

withdraw: take away or take back

provide: to give to or make available for

purchase: to buy or receive in exchange for payment

suffix: letters put at end of a word to change meaning

tropical: characteristic of areas near the equator

prefix: a syllable in front of a root word

preserve: to protect and maintain without change

quench:  to satisfy or extinguish something

identify: to figure out what something is called

fragrant: having a pleasant smell

Week 12 Vocabulary and Spelling Words

The test for these words will be on Thursday, November 3.

We are about to change our spelling routine. The words we have had up until this point are from a list of words recommended for Common Core.  We have gone through the majority of that list.  Students have recently taken a Diagnostic Spelling Assessment which will help me determine which specific spelling patterns each student struggles with.  Students will have more personalized lists once we begin the new spelling program.  At that point, and even now, your child’s spelling words can be viewed at www.spellingcity.com.  Type in your child’s user name and password and then click on Lists and Games at the top of the page.  After that, just select the correct list.  Spelling tests will still be on Thursdays.  I will be working with Mrs. Cowgill to develop vocabulary lists that will help students in Reading.  Those words will still be available here.

confident: feeling certain, sure of oneself

convert: to change something from one form to another

course: class or plan of study

debate: a formal argument; a dispute of opinion

deprive: to keep from having, or take away

solo: a performance done by one person

spurt: a sudden burst

industrious: hard working; purposeful

independent: free from control or guidance from others

overthrow: to cause the downfall of something

numerous: being very many in number

suffocate: to deprive something of air

pardon: to forgive, excuse, or free from blame

visual: relating to seeing or sight

portable: able to be carried from place to place

Week 10 Spelling and Vocabulary Words

The test for Week 10 words will be on Thursday, October 27.

1.achievement: an accomplishment that takes work or skill

2.altitude: height or vertical distance

3. crave: to want badly

4.compassion: feeling of concern or sympathy for others

5.compensate: to make up for; reimburse

6. compose: to create or make up

7. duplicate: to make an exact copy of something

8. edible: fit or good to be eaten

9. excavate: to dig up or uncover

10. identical: the same in every way

11. luxurious: expensive and unnecessary

12. miniature: a reduced size version of something

13. navigate: plan or follow a course

14. resemble:  appear similar to

15. sparse: thin or scattered